Example of how Canadians get Ripped Off…. ;-(

Okay, I’m looking to purchase a Hoover Commercial Back Pack – Shoulder Vac Pro Model: C2401010 Vacuum and let me show you how much this sucks…. pun intended!

I start with a Google ® search for a Back Pack Vacuum Hoover and find the model I want to purchase (Model: C2401010 ) at The Home Depot. But I find the following Links:  www.homedepot.com and www.homedepot.ca

 Check it out the US price below:

And the Canadian Rip-Off Price: “Stick IT”

What a F^ck’in rip off


Well, you know where I ordered the vacuum from… Yuuup… VAC PARTS WAREHOUSE in United States and it still came in half price with shipping and the exchange at $443.62…..! Yeah I know I will still have to pay some duty and taxes (another rip-off) but it still will not even come close to $799.00 plus 13% taxes….! I’ll keep you posted on the grand total once I have it all figured out.

And the VAC PARTS WAREHOUSE  Price: (Yeah I’ll pay $14.95 more just so Home Depot don’t get any of my money)

Vac Parts US_Price


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