The Expanding Samsung and BlackBerry Partnership: A Conversation with Billy Ho and Greg Wade

Inside BlackBerry for Business Blog

blackberry_samsung_1024x512Back in November, we did an interview with BlackBerry’s John Sims and Samsung’s Greg Wade on the then-newly announced partnership between Samsung and BlackBerry. With today’s announcement, it’s clear that what we talked about in November was just the beginning. We had a chance to get an update on the partnership with Billy Ho, BlackBerry’s Executive Vice President, Enterprise Products and Value Added Solutions and Greg Wade, Vice President of Samsung’s KNOX Business Group.

What’s new with the BlackBerry/Samsung partnership?

BH: We announced today that we’re integrating two great, new BlackBerry enterprise services — WorkLife by BlackBerry® and SecuSUITE — with Samsung KNOX.

GW: For enterprises, the combination of these services and Samsung KNOX devices will provide a great way to separate, secure and protect valuable enterprise data and communications.

‘Separate, secure and protect’ — why should that matter to an enterprise?

BH: For many organizations, information is among…

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