News: Aston Martin brings the DB4 G.T. back to life

Ran When Parked

Following the path blazed by Jaguar, Aston Martin will dig into its archives in order to resume production of the DB4 G.T. The iconic model was originally built between 1959 and 1963.

The sought-after, lightweight version of the G.T. will serve as the basis for the modern-day continuation car. The 21st-century G.T. will boast a curvaceous body made out of thin-gauge aluminum and a tubular frame. Visually, the two cars are expected to look all but identical right down to the period-correct wire wheels.

The story will be different under the skin, where the continuation model will benefit from improvements in performance, braking, safety, and handling, though Aston is keeping full details under wraps. All we know as of writing is that power will come from a 3.7-liter straight-six engine that uses carburetors and a twin-spark system to develop 340 horsepower. A manual transmission will send power to the rear…

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