Beware everyone, I received the following text message from a cell phone on the Rogers Network claiming that my Scotia online banking has been frozen… and go to the following secure link… first of all this is not a secure link with “http:// ” and the URL doesn’t come up as a valid domain search on InterNIC…

Text message from 604-613-0417

Your Scotia online banking has been frozen on 19/04/2018 for security purposes. Proceed to our secure link for reactivation:

Don’t fall for these scams, tell everyone you know and report the number. The bank will not text you a message, stay calm and think about it before you act on this type of criminal activity.

Reverse phone number lookup…

604-613-0417 Received Call Information

About this number

604-613-0417 is a Cell Number phone number operated by Rogers Communications Partnership (Wireless) and is located in the city of Aldergrove in BC. Get more information on the 604-613-0417 number, origin, and statistics.

General information

  • Provider: Rogers Communications Partnership (Wireless)
  • Usage: Cell Number
  • Country: Canada
  • Location: Aldergrove, BC
  • Area code: 604
  • Prefix: 613


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