RIP Eddie Van Halen

I remember the first time I heard Van Halen. I think everyone that followed #Eddievanhalen remember “You Really Got Me” or “Eruption”.

It was March 1978 and I was in Florida on vacation with my buddy’s family. We had a high school band and were covering “You Really Got Me” by The Kinks”. We were in a music store and I heard Van Halen’s version, play over the sound system in the store. I went up to the counter and asked, who the heck is that playing. Well, I purchased the album and it came back to Canada as my souvenir.

As a guitarist 🎸 he changed the way, I wanted to play the guitar and inspired me to work harder. I think we all were Eddie Van Halen wanna beezzzzz at one point or another.

I never met him, like most of us, but was able to see him play live, and from the comments of friends, he was a humble genius, that will live on forever, through the gift of music 🎶 he shared with all of us.

#RIPEddieVanHalen we will meet on the other side…

#BadManxBuggy Bri @

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