Watch “Bondurant Drag Race Program| Challenger SRT® Demon | Dodge” on YouTube Happy New Year everyone, I have not posted anything this year, so here we go. This would be on the top of my wish list, if I ever won the LottoMax or 6/49... oh so much fun. So good luck to my lucky numbers tonight and tomorrow night. Cheers, #BadManxBuggy Bri @


My new project… as soon as I get #ProjectChassis2017 finished #MeyersManx #Dunebuggy

It has been a crazy, busy year.... Some good times and some BAD times... #badmanxbuggy unfortunately more bad than good... I have not posted much, on the progress of #ProjectChassis2016 that turned into #ProjectChassis2017 but once the snow flies and I have more time .... I will post some of the progress made since my … Continue reading My new project… as soon as I get #ProjectChassis2017 finished #MeyersManx #Dunebuggy

Gambrill State Park, Maryland

Sounds like you had a wonderful adventure and in a Volkswagen… life couldn’t get any better… well maybe winning the lottery…

Zero to Sixty . . .Eventually

Where did the summer go?  The last few months just seemed to zip by, but, happily, we managed to pack in a of fun activities that left me with some good blogging material I hope to cover over the next few weeks.

June turned out to be a great month for camping.  The free time, weather, and friend’s schedules finally synced and provided us with three camping weekends in a row.  On the first weekend, just my son and I got away for an overnighter – mostly as an escape from my 12-year old daughter’s sleepover party, but also to spend a little time one-on-one.  We had a great time building fires, playing games like lawn darts, cooking over the fire, and hanging out in the bus.  It was great father and son bonding time.

The second trip took place the following weekend of June 16-18 up in Maryland.  Years

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