#OldSchool or #NewSchool … that is the question 

Well I haven’t posted anything for a while since I’ve been busy with a home renovation.  Yeah,  that would be Re-no-vacation. We have hauled out over 1 ton of lath and plaster that’s out of one 10’x11.5′ bedroom! Oh yeah,  my back is killing me! Anyway,  once this is done then back to working on […]

.#Dun Bheagan – #SingleMalt #Scotch…  

Ah, finally my reward,  after hauling over 1.5 tons of lath and plaster to the dump, from a one bedroom renovation. And the room is only 10 x 11.5′ in a century home, over 100 years old.  And that is only from the ceiling….  Oh my back is killing me…  anyway,  it’s ready for the […]